How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

By Gary Utley on October 23, 2018


Sometimes a meeting is the only way to get something done fast. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to set up meetings, whether you need to meet with your entire group or one-on-one. Here's how to set up, customize, and hold a Microsoft Teams meeting. 

Where Can You Set Up a Meeting?

Meetings can either be set up through the Microsoft Teams App or Outlook; the meeting will be seen the same way within the system, so you can start the process in whichever application makes the most sense to you.

Determine a Type of Meeting

Flexibility is at the heart of Microsoft’s collaboration solutions – and that is certainly true for the types of meeting that you can host in Microsoft Teams. There are three different types of meeting:

  • Ad-hoc meetings. Within any Microsoft Teams conversation, you can click on the "Meet Now" button to instantly begin a session with those involved. Ad-hoc meetings are useful when you've realized that everyone needs to come together and discuss something now rather than continuing to send chat messages back and forth.
  • Private meetings. Through private meetings, you can meet one-on-one with specific employees or colleagues, to touch base or discuss potentially privileged information.
  • Channel meetings. Entire channels can be selected for scheduled meetings with everyone involved. All members of the channel can participate in the meeting, which is an easy way to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Scheduling a Microsoft Teams Meeting

To schedule a meeting directly from Microsoft Teams:

  • From Teams, click on "Meetings" on the left side menu and select "Schedule a Meeting."
  • Select the channel you want to meet with. 
  • Use the "Scheduling Assistant" to find a time during which everyone is available.
  • Select how often you want the meeting to recur.

To schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting from Outlook:

  • Go to the "Meeting" tab of Microsoft Outlook and select "Teams Meeting."
  • Follow the directions above for scheduling a Teams meeting in the Teams app.

Note that to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting from Outlook, you need to first install the add-In for Microsoft Office.

Additional Considerations

There are requirements for some forms of collaboration. If you have team members who need to conference from their phone, an additional audio license is needed. Also, bandwidth planning may be necessary to get the most out of team communications, as traffic may need to be sent from user to user. Further, there may be some additional steps needed for companies utilizing a Microsoft Exchange server.

Many of these additional considerations can be helped through the use of a technical partner. A Microsoft partner can help an organization set up their Microsoft Teams installation with the features that they need, in addition to training employees on the use of Microsoft Teams and its meeting functions.

Microsoft collaboration tools are a robust and versatile way to manage your meetings and communications across multiple groups and individual employees. For more information about the advantages of Microsoft Teams -- and to begin your own transition -- contact Red River.

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