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Polycom Skype for Business Setup: How to Start Collaborating

By Gary Utley on September 10, 2019

Polycom devices are designed to work well with Skype for Business. Integrating Polycom devices directly into Skype for Business can make collaboration throughout your business much easier. Here are the basics of Skype for Business Polycom Integration, as well as the advantages of deploying this solution.

The Advantages of Polycom for Skype

Skype for Business Polycom integration makes it easier for employees to configure their communication options. Through Skype for Business and Polycom technology, employees can control advanced features such as line sharing and visual voicemail, while also managing their Polycom configuration through their Skype for Business portal.

With Skype for Business providing advanced solutions for businesses today, hardware needs to catch up. Polycom makes it possible for businesses to leverage commercial phone devices, while still utilizing the advanced technology of Skype for Business. 

Begin by Configuring the Network

To configure your network properly, verify that your DNS service records allow devices to locate your Skype for Business server. Retrieve a security certificate and then set up each Polycom user with the appropriate account and credentials within Skype for Business. Once you've configured your network, you can initialize your deployment. 

A provisioning server will need to be deployed, which will contain the Polycom software. Provisioning can be handled either through the Skype for Business server or another provisioning server, depending on the infrastructure's needs. The Polycom US software solution will need to be installed on the provisioning server and then properly configured. A Call Park Orbit Policy should be put in place. 

From there, manual provisioning of phones can be completed through the Polycom software.  

Setting Up Your User Authentication Methods

Employees are able to use multiple sign-in methods: user ID, PIN authentication, web sign in for Skype for Business online, Better Together over Ethernet, CAP Web Sign In, and Single Sign-On Solutions. Each of them have their own upsides and downsides and should be explored, depending on the company's processes and how the company wants to operate.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Microsoft Exchange works with Polycom and Skype for Business to provide additional functionality for employees. With Microsoft Exchange integration, the following features are enabled by default:

  • Call log synchronization. Employees can access the same call log from anywhere, so they can check their calls from other offices or even other countries.
  • Visual voicemail. Voicemail can be reviewed through an app, computer, or other device, visually. Polycom provides visual voicemail features in their handsets, so voicemail can be easily scrolled through and managed. 
  • Contact and address book search. Contacts and address books can be accessed through Skype or Polycom solutions, making it possible for calls to be made through the Polycom handset or through Skype software. When contacts are added to address books, they'll be added to multiple systems.

Services can be turned on and off through the Skype for Business solution. These services make it much easier for out-of-office workers and in-office workers to manage their communications. No matter where they are, they can easily review their call logs and voicemails. They can look through their contacts and addresses for the information they need either locally or through the cloud, and they can maintain a single, consolidated list of all of their information. 

Enabling Skype for Business Features

Phones can be configured to transition video calls to audio calls as desired, which is often used with Polycom phones that can't support video calling technology. Employees are able to enable or disable their video calling features from the Skype for Business client, where many other configuration options are able to be controlled.  

Skype for Business features let you use the advantages of Skype through physical Polycom technology. Skype for Business may offer many benefits, but with Polycom, similar benefits are offered through hardware.

Shared Phone Lines for Skype for Business

Polycom phones can be configured to share phone lines through multiple users, which can be used to fine-tune and optimize an existing telecommunications network. This can be done through Skype for Business user profiles, as well as the Shared Line Appearance within Skype for Business. 

Shared lines provide superior customer support and internal service, as a single line can be used for an entire department. With shared phone lines, you can ensure that all communications are picked up by a live person, rather than potentially going through to voicemail. 

Maintaining Skype for Business Polycom Integration

As with any technology solution, it's important that hardware and software be continually upgraded for the system to remain productive and secure. Polycom's solutions and Skype for Business will need to be regularly updated and maintained, with the software and firmware updates that roll out. Failing to update the solution could lead to potential security risks.

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