How To Recover a Previous Version of a Document in Office 365

By Chris Eaheart on March 11, 2021

Almost everyone has experienced the nightmare of working on a file and that file suddenly becomes corrupt or otherwise is not in the state that you intended. Instead of starting from scratch, SharePoint and OneDrive have a really great versioning feature that is accessible right from the document and allows you to revert a file back to a previous version.

Another great use for this tool is for when you need

 to go back and visit previous edits to the file after changes were made in order to determine what has changed over time, also known as a changelog.


No matter what your reason for going back may be, this blog post will help you discover how to recover a previous version of a document and view the version history.


Simply right-click the document either in the browser or in your synced copy of the file.

SP 3

 And click Version History.

 SP 33

Here you can see all of the previous versions and some basic information about each version.

 SP 333

Find the version you want, then click Restore.


The version you are restoring becomes the latest version of the file, and all other previous versions are left in place in case you want any of them at a later time.


We’ve come a long way since that little trash can sitting on our Desktop. Office 365 is a great cloud platform for your organization and its content, and the ability to easily revert to a previous version of a file is just one of many reasons why. Contact Red River to get started today.



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