Remote Workforce Assistance: How Can an MSP Help You Transition?

By Gary Utley on June 23, 2020

Your team is now remote. And even if you had been planning on moving some of your employees to work-from-home in the future, you might not have expected it to happen so quickly. A remote transition takes time, but when you don't have the luxury of that time, you need options.

Here's how a managed services provider can help ease the transition for your business and your employees.

Get the Training and Support You Need

It's not just about the infrastructure. It's about the employees. Your employees are going to need to learn how to work remotely, which means setting up their own computers, and using tools that they may never have used before. As with any great infrastructure change, that's also going to come with a cultural shift. It's understandable that there may be frustrations. An MSP can help.

MSPs are able to provide training and support for employees, both during the transition and after it. As MSPs have transitioned countless businesses from on-premises to remote, they will be able to identify potential pain points for employees and address them proactively. As employees become more confident about working remotely, MSPs can shift their focus on facilitating day-to-day operations.

Empower Your Staff with the Right Technology

Remote work demands that the right technology be applied. Remote workers need to be able to smoothly communicate with each other. They have to be able to access the files they need and collaborate without potentially overwriting or destroying each other's work. They have to be able to quickly find documents and chat logs, and essentially work together as though they are in the same offices. All this demands the right remote assistance software.

Microsoft has provided a fully equipped suite of remote tools that can help employees work together seamlessly. Office 365, MS Teams, OneNote — all these products are able to work together to create a sort of "digital" workplace. But figuring out which tools need to be used, and how they should be used, can be difficult. MSPs are able to identify the products that your organization needs most, and can introduce them to your employees before full deployment.

Augment Your Company with Scalable Resources

How long will a transition to remote operations take? For your business, it could take hours, days, or even weeks. Depending on how remote-ready your organization already is, transitioning to remote work could take quite a long time.

MSPs can reduce the burden of your internal IT department by handling your transition for you. MSPs are flexible and scalable; you only pay for the services and hours that you need. If you find that remote work lets you scale back your IT, you'll be able to scale back. If you find that remote work means that you have to actually increase your IT hours, your MSP will be able to scale with you.

For many large transitions, a company's required IT services will go up dramatically. But they won't stay there. Rather than hiring temporary employees to help with a transition, you can engage with an MSP. You'll get remote tech support and assistance all in a single package.

Protect Your Business from Accidents and Incidents

When any organization undergoes disruption, it becomes more likely that accidents can occur. What happens if an employee loses data that they bring home? What if the employee is compromised by a hacker?

Employees are already usually the weakest link for a company. Employees can introduce potential security flaws through additional IoT devices and end points, or they may simply become lax about security because they are at home. Computers used for personal items and business-related items are particularly vulnerable.

An MSP is able to help improve your security and your backup solutions, to ensure that you don't lose any data during this transition, and that your organization is protected. With complete monitoring services, and 24/7 support, a system compromise can be both identified and mitigated more quickly.

Everything You Need with Remote Assist

Red River's Remote Assist program is designed to provide everything an organization needs to start working remotely today. From Microsoft Teams to Office 365, companies can quickly deploy best-in-class collaboration and communication solutions. With Microsoft's Virtual Desktop product, employees will be able to operate in a digitized, persistent space. And with reliable backup and security solutions, companies can protect their data.

Companies today don't just need a stopgap measure that they can use for "right now." Many companies are going to find that they never stop working remotely. Now that organizations are already investing in remote infrastructure, they might as well use it. With the help of an MSP, an organization can develop a remote infrastructure that will be lasting.

MSPs are experts in remote infrastructure — and that's what you need right now. If you're trying to promote a work-from-home environment (whether permanently or temporarily), it's time to give Red River a call. Contact Red River today to schedule an appointment.

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