The Three Keys to Successful Technology Transformation

By Tim Rod on October 21, 2020

Digital transformation and digitization are common buzzwords that have now taken on new definitions that depend on the audience’s perspective. Digital disruption is another often-used term, especially when describing new vs. legacy business models. Red River, by contrast, is a Technology Transformation company.

How is that different, you ask?


The discussion about digital transformation and digitization are very macro-level discussions and the tendency is to get myopically focused on why one needs to transform, and avoid lagging behind those who do. What is discussed less is how the transformation must occur. This is where technology transformation comes in. To successfully transform technology in pursuit of specific business outcomes (essentially, to act upon the need for digital transformation), there are three key tenets to the journey:

  1. Define the Scope of the Journey: To transform, there must be a change in state. To effect real change, define a starting point and desired outcome.
  2. Decide How Much Time to Take: How urgent is the need to transform? What are the dependencies that will impact your timeline?
  3. Assess your Capabilities to Transform: Few companies can transform without the fresh perspective outside experts can bring. With the scope and timeline known, honestly appraise the capabilities of your internal resources to successfully execute on the change.

Once you understand where you are, where you’re going, how long it should take and whether you need help to get there, effecting change can be as simple as examining the classic “triple constraint” of time, money and scope. The trick is to extract the most value from all the available resources in the shortest amount of time, without sacrificing the scope. That’s what Red River does. That’s why Red River is different; that’s why we are a technology transformation company.


When choosing a transformation partner, the selection criteria should focus not just about what expertise a company has, but on how that company executes (shortest execution time without sacrificing the scope). Red River understands how efficiency and effectiveness can positively impact our customers’ projects. We are experts in assessing current state and assisting with the definition of the future state (the first key to successful transformation). The concept of a journey is not new, but continuous improvement has led Red River to a point where we are able to increase the probability of success for that journey.




Here’s an example: A company is under pressure to change their technology consumption model from capex to opex, thus decides that they need to change how they consume applications. However, it’s not as simple as implementing a subscription for Microsoft Office 365. There are implications for security, collaboration, compliance, and other implications. Red River has mapped out this journey, with detailed milestones to address the foundational aspects of the transformation, enterprise collaboration and governance, and finally the milestones required to manage the environment in the long term. We have specific expertise, offerings, solutions, and best practices with which we can advise, assist, and manage the process. By following the three key tenants to success, you will successfully transform the underlying technology on your way to true digital transformation.


We will continue to evolve our processes and journey definitions to assist our customers with technology transformation.


For now, stay safe. As always, BE BOLD.